Training Yourself to Train Your Pet
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Pet Training 101: Training Yourself to Train Your Pet

Pet Training 101: Training Yourself to Train Your Pet

Pet lovers everywhere get a cute cuddly puppy, kitten, bird, turtle, ferret or whatever and welcome it into their home. Before they adopt the perfect pet, they have dreams of how fantastic it will be. They have dreams of running in the park, cuddling near a fire, or just playing with their new pet. Then they bring it home and reality sets in.

It is not long before pet owners realize they need pet training advice. Whether it is dog training tips, puppy and dog obedience training, cat training videos, their beloved pet needs some training.

Before You Adopt

Pet training starts before you adopt. Dogs and cat training will be necessary but it will vary depending on your situation, your chosen pet, your needs and what you expect from your new pet. Before you adopt a furry friend, research the animal, watch training videos, learn potential bad behaviors and potential behavior problems.

All cat breeds and dog breeds have specific needs and requirements. Therefore, it is essential you learn about the breed before you adopt. Knowing what to expect from your new pet, will make the transition so much easier.

When you do decide on a particular pet and breed, consider looking at animal shelters for adoptable animals. Pet adoption gives abandoned pets a second chance and can give potential pet owners a loving animal to bring home.

After You Adopt

After you adopt, take some time to get to know the personality of your new furry friend. Again, the training will vary on the pet’s personality and your needs. For example, litter training may not be necessary for older cats and chewing may not be a problem for adult dogs. However, you may need to learn your new found friend needs to go to doggy boot camp before becoming a perfect companion. In any case, a well trained pet truly is a blessing to any pet owner.

Before you start ask, “Can you train a cat?” Let me assure you that Yes! You can train a cat. However, cats are a little more difficult to train. However, some cat breeds can even learn to play fetch! So, don’t let all the rumors sway you. Cats can be trained (otherwise, you would not see cats in commercials.)

In-Home Training

In most cases, pets need in-home training. Whether the training comes from pet videos, an animal training specialist or watching pet training video online, your pet deserves to go through some type of obedience school to learn how to behave around you.

In-home training generally covers:

Pet Training Classes

Pet training classes are very helpful when your pet needs a bit more than your basic obedience training. Generally, this includes

  • Canine behavior modification
  • Service dog training
  • Emotional support dog training
  • Doggie boot camp
  • Stopping barking and biting
  • Canine performance events


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